Role: Concept,Art Direction, Design, Illustration, Copy  |  Purpose: To create a campaign for Adidas then explore designing a few executions for fun.


Shoes are a very personal accessory choice for people. Especially when it comes to sneakerheads. A person's sneaker choice is their way of not only tying together an outfit but also a way of telling others around them a little bit about their personality. The Adidas Shell-toe (Superstar) are a pair of sneakers that immediately rose into hip-hop stardom when RunDMC began repping them in the 80's. They released the track "My Adidas" rapping about why their Adidas make them so damn cool and ever since, it's nearly impossible to view the kicks with any other spokespeople.

My Adidas— Worldwide
I began thinking, people care a lot about their shoes and they also tend to care a lot about the cities they live in too. So let's help them rep their cities by identifying the Superstar that embodies their city the most then create graffiti-like illustrations which call-out personality traits of that city which help make that city so special. Ads, billboards and social posts could announce the campaign then later, posters with blank quote bubbles could be plastered, gorilla style, around these large cities — encouraging fans to intuitively draw or write what makes their Adidas/City so cool to them.