Agency: VaynerMedia |  Client: Bud Light |  Role: Sr. Art Direction, Design, Illustration, Storyboarding

I designed the look/feel & helped identify the personality of the brands digital/social presence then oversaw it's development from one designer to the next.


Wieden + Kennedy, Bud Lights Agency on record, pitched a campaign which effected all of the brands creative. That idea revolved around turning the brand into a fake political campaign which lived in a classic red, white & blue world (with black & white photography) called the Bud Light Party. It’s brand ambassadors were Amy Schumer, Seth Rogan & Michael Pena.

The visual challenge? Being locked-into a white background landscape with black & white photography, various shades of blue with a few accents of red and not boring the hell out of fans on multiple social platforms.

It became clear to me and the rest of the team, that in-order to keep this fresh we needed to use all of the tools that any other actual Political Campaign would use when running for office. So political buttons & posters with an added touch of thirst inducing product animation—infused with current music— became our arsenal. Eventually we were able to convenience the brand that it was important for us to redefine the campaign to keep it fresh on social media.

Below is one of those concepts I had for Instagram to help launch the Bud Light’s new VBI. The idea was to post 9 individual videos and have each videos cover image be a section of the new Bud Light beer can. When looking at the Bud Light account, the 9 cover images would take the shape of a giant beer can but when the user selected the individual posts, the tile would flip to reveal Bud Light branded merch which could be purchased from the web store. Client loved it but unfortunately their were internal reasons which prevented us from moving forward with this idea on social media.

HOWEVER, it was liked so much that we animated one video and the clients used during various media events to help reveal the brands new look.

Bud Light Swag Wall
Another incentive I thought up for how to bring awareness to the brands new look and move merch at the same time; was to create a fully digital, mobile store which could be erected anywhere and all the location would need is a little storage for the merchandise. Client loved it and so we were able to actually build this thing just in time for SXSW 2016! It was a total hit. Instead of a store, it was used as a way to reward fans with Swag— hence the name I gave it. Below is my original mock-up, a straight-on image of the home page design & a few photos of the real-life digital wall at the event. 

Social Principles Style Guide
In August of 2016, we had the honor of determining the look/feel of Bud Light’s principle photography. We did this with a 2 day shoot, under 2 unique types of lighting while explores tons of ways in-which the models should & should not interact with the product. This was completed with the help of 10 talented actors, a medium sized crew of focused creatives, production folks, 1 well-written shooting script and a very well planned shooting schedule. I art directed both days of shooting, picked all selects then designed the deck which we presented to the delight of the client.

The Golden Beer Can :30 spot
Bud Light was giving away Superbowl Tickets for Life to some lucky person and I got to reskin the site for the sweepstakes.
Buuuut the biggest win for us was our TVC & micro content that we shot for the sweeps, which all came out AMAZINGLY. Below is that :30 sec spot which was written by our Sr. Writer Rami and the storyboard I sketched out, which we used to shoot frame by frame from while on location. I art directed this shoot & all of the micro we captured during the 2 days of shooting in Brooklyn.