Agency: DeVries  |  Client: Bounce  |  Role: Art Direction, Design, Retouch


Micro Content
Many smaller agencies don't always have major budgets for professional photoshoots, so instead, most really lean hard on stock photography (more than likely, iStock, because of their super relaxed digital rights legal). This often means that I really need to turn up the juice. Meaning that, I truly unpack all of my design, photography, retouch, color correction and production skills in-order to make the absolute best work I can for the client. This was one of those particular accounts. I sincerely enjoyed working on this brand though and am very happy with the work I produced for them on a daily basis.

Facebook covers & Twitter skin
Below are a few Facebook covers & a Twitter skin I designed for Bounce.


Crowning The Static Sheet KING
Prior to wrapping up my stay with DeVries, I pitched & created a completely own-able set of digital fabric softener sculptures/collages for Bounce. Then I built out several examples of what I had in mind. The client loved it, which resulted in a mini social media campaign that was very well received by Bounce's FB & TW fan base.