Agency: VaynerMedia|  Client: Chrisley Knows Best|  Role: Sr. Art Direction, Design, Illustration
I designed the look/feel & helped identify the personality of the brand then oversaw it's development from one designer to the next.


I thoroughly enjoyed working on branding this show. This was the first time that I had an opportunity to watch an entire season of a show before it aired, attend meetings with studio execs and share my thoughts regarding the pro's & cons regarding the character personalities and fully discuss the ways in-which I imagined I could help accentuate the programs major pluses not only using it's fantastic video clips but by also exploring the many subliminal family dynamics & humor of the characters to capture the attention viewers everywhere. It was a pleasure watching this show blow-up and see the joy of the fans who responded to our ideas on a weekly basis.

CKB Cheat Sheet
Basically this is a very condensed Style Guide that I designed for all my designers who would work on the team. It's intended to quickly give them an idea of how I set up look/feel for the brand and how I expected it to be executed. But it's also an ever evolving deck, so nothing was entirely set in stone.