Agency: Creative Feed  |  Client: Gannett  |  Role: Art Direction, Design


Rich Media Banners
Creative Feed hired me specifically to help develop a really stand-out RM Banner for it's Gannett client. Originally they just wanted something that could expand and reveal the local front page news from wherever the viewer might happen to be interacting with the banner from. I suggested that we actually have the banner access the local papers API and pull-in ALL of the most popular sections of that particular local paper. My reasoning was that instead of providing a link to where the viewer could finish reading the article— it would be much more engaging to lure the reader into actually reading the entire paper inside of a web banner which are often easily dismissed these days. The goal was that once a person saw how informative the paper was, they'd immediately take advantage of the 50% off Subscription CTA. Client loved it and from what I understand, these performed like gang-busters.