Agency: VaynerMedia  |  Client: Jaguar  |  Role: Sr. Art Direction, Design, Illustration


Uber Jaguar XE Test Drive & Pre-Order concept
The idea behind this concept was that we would have partnered-up with Uber and seeded multiple Jaguar XE vehicles in several large cities across the US. The Uber interface would be re-skinned to be a sexy spy-like UI. The user would have the option to be picked up in the Jaguar XE. Once the ride was over, the user would then be offered to sign up for a test drive of the Jaguar. If the user accepts the test drive, they would meet at the launch site and while they are taking the car out for a spin, multiple drones would follow the driver recording the drive which would then be edited in a very sleek way and posted on Facebook encouraging others to sign up for test drives too. Once the test drive is over, the drivers would receive a follow-up prompt from Uber requesting if they would be interested in signing-up to Pre-Ordering a brand new Jaguar XE for themselves.

Instagram Pre-Order Activation Concept
This idea was intended to be a really quick way of show a very sexy video of the XE being driven to the max on a closed race course and enticing people to sign-up for Pre-Order by simply responding the post with #SOLD. After which our community managers would reply with news confirming your expected Pre-Ordered XE's arrival.


Virtual Test Drive Concept
For this execution we would have filmed many intense and very Cinematic behind the wheel driver experiences then compiled a Choose Your Own Adventure 360 Video. At the end of each clip, the user would have the option to choose the direction/environment that the XE would conquer next. 


Great XEscapes Podcast
This would have been a fun podcast which focused on discussing high-profile escapes from danger in movies & real life while driving high-powered cars.