Agency: VaynerMedia |  Client: Lime-A-Rita |  Role: Sr. Art Direction, Design, Storyboarding


This was one of my accounts where we made a major change in our normal micro content creation. Instead of focusing on graphic design or typography or photography; we doubled down on pure video. It was a ballsy move because it completely rearranges the timeframe of an average shoot. Our content was very magic based and we always challenged each other to push the envelope further. It wasn't always an easy task but we nailed EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. On top of all of my other account work loads, let's just say, I was very blessed to have a brilliant Designer/Art Director named Eli & a very gifted writer named CJ by my side.  


YouTube Pre-Roll video
This is a Pre-Roll video that is intended to catch the average YouTube viewer who happens to search using terms similar to Margarita, Party, Cinco De Mayo, drinks or, ahhh you get it— then serves them up with our Super Simple Margarita Recipe. I helped with it's conception, art directed the shoot and edited rough cuts of the videos before passing them over to our video team for clean-up. 


Time Square Billboard
I managed to concept & sell my idea for an animated Times Square Lime-A-Ritas billboard. Below is my mock. Before I left VaynerMedia, it was being animated— so unfortunately I never got to see the final export. But if you've happened to have seen it; you're welcome and I hope that you enjoyed it!


Snapchat Geo Filters
We created these for Thanksgiving Airport Travelers. Both performed very nicely. I’m a sucker for the one on the left because out of all my ideas, it was the one in-which the client & even a few team members weren’t quite sold on until I rendered it out :] Anyway, these both killed it and way out performed what we expected. I don't have the final numbers but I wish I did.