Agency: VaynerMedia  |  Client: Nabisco  |  Role: Sr. Art Direction, Design, Illustration


Multipacks Pitch
Nabisco has a very successful product known as the Multipack internally, but in-store, consumers are only familiar with it based on the kind of product included inside a bulk box of thier favorite snack items. Nabisco thought that it might be interesting to try and brand that “Bulk Box” with the internal name, Multipack. So we happily explored multiple ways in-which this could be done on social by establishing a warm identifying family voice. The purpose was to help bring greater awareness of this loved product which had gone so long without a true public-facing name. 
Below are several logos which I designed for this pitch & a video of a deck with a few other logo ideas that we decided not to share.

Micro Content Mocks
Below are a few mocks I created for our pitch which demonstrate the look/feel I imagined for this brand.