Agency: VaynerMedia  |  Client: Ritz  |  Role: Sr. Art Direction, Design, Illustration


Ritz is one of those accounts where I really got very familiar with ALL the tricks of art directing beautiful food photography shoots. It was challenge for the team to come up with new and never done before (or rarely done before) food recipes with Ritz crackers or fun tips which could enhance the enjoyment of Ritz— but we pulled it off every month for several years and I'm very proud of that.

Ritz Live Peter Pan Broadcast Show
A few examples of micro content pieces which were posted during the live broadcast of NBC's Peter Pan featuring Christopher Walken

Ritz Bits box design concept
Our team was in the process of pitching a few ideas revolving around Ritz Bits and one of those concepts revolved around creating several package designs that focused on kid inventors. This is one of the concepts I designed & mocked-up for a kid who built a complete arcade out of cardboard for himself & his friends. 

Ritz Big Game
For the Superbowl, we decided to have the ultimate show-down between America’s favorite big game snacks. So we created teams of recipes representing Spicy & Sweet foods then pitted them against one another in a knock-out, drag-down battle across all of Ritz social channels. The recipe with the most shares in Pinterest would be responsible for leading their team to victory! Ultimately Team Sweet kicked some serious ass but all were happily shared (and eaten) on each social platform.