Agency: Draftfcb  |  Client: Sharpie  |  Role: Art Direction, Design


Sharpie Website Design
This is one of those projects that I thoroughly enjoyed working on and was extremely delighted with how the final programmed execution turned-out. I designed and helped concept this site which functioned like an app before apps were really a thing. The idea was to give sharpie fans an outlet that would allow them to create an account, share their Sharpie creations with a like-minded community, rate one another's work and purchase the very same Sharpie that their artist friends or idols were using to create that artwork— ALL IN ONE PLACE.
Basically, we created the current eCommerce & Global Community version of Instagram while Instagram was still pretty underground & focused on making filters.

Sharpie Wireframes
The wires frames I worked from to build the site. I did not build this set of wireframes— I did however provide suggestions for the wireframes throughout the process which were incorporated into final design.