Agency: Draftfcb  |  Client: Taco Bell  |  Role: Art Direction, Design


Our small digital team was given the opportunity to work on a campaign for Taco Bell called Unlock the Box, in-which 1 person had the chance to win a Playstation Vita every 15 minutes for the full 4 weeks of the program. Our tasks were to build 1. Rich media banners. 2. A website where consumers visited to enter their codes to see if they've won OR learn how to play the augmented reality mobile game OR upload a photo/video of them explaining why they deserved to win a PS Vita. 3. Actually design the box itself. And I got to design & illustrate all 3 (and more)! The entire campaign was a huge hit. Clients, fans & advertising journalist loved it and we did too. When I get more time, I'll be sure to add more samples.

Taco Bell Unlock The Box Rich Media Banners
I absolutely love this banner. This is another idea that came up with while taking the bus to work. Basically, the entire point of the campaign was to purchase this Box Meal in-order to get a code that will allow you to be one of the first to "Unlock" and own a PS Vita. So I thought it'd be really cool to dare Playstation fans to try to Unlock The Box by trying to destroy it in a fun gaming way. Ultimately it can't be destroyed BUT it sure is fun a shell to try. I designed the banner, illustrated the weapons, picked the music & sound effects and the whole thing was programmed by our amazing banner developer Tom Miller. This was a huge hit for all of us. Please be sure to watch the video below!


Taco Bell Unlock The Box Website Design
These are a batch of the final web pages which I designed for our Taco Bell Unlock The Box campaign sweeps. I am including both the Mobile & Desktop views. This was my first responsive web design project and it was very rewarding & a big hit with the client & fans too.