the floating agency that never will be

My dream agency is one where very few people work from home because everyone understands that a strong team is built on direct and clear communication and that not until each co-worker takes a moment of actual face time with each other, is that connection established.

This agency knows that every individual has their own style of sharing & interpreting information and the more direct these individuals can communicate within one room, the better they can relate to one another when working apart. Ambiguity is the death to any project.

Within this agency, every employee does their job because they love it, they are talented at it, they've committed to it and they're being paid for it. They are not there to not listen when thoughts are being shared or not give insight into subject matter with which they have knowledge of or worst yet, toss a wrench into subjects with which they have no knowledge of or interest in learning more about.

Within this agency, amazing creative is key, The Client is a client who needs advice — not a child with an ever melting ice-cream cone — and the work place is fun because everyone enjoys their job, not because there is a foosball table and a keg in the break room but because they truly enjoy this line of work and believe in working hard to accomplish a mind-changing, sweet-ass, collective goal.

In this agency, every team member, client and consumer wins because no longer are the employees simply chatting each other silly with bad puns, attempted wit or offering distracting side stories into every conversation so that they can make their next move up the ladder. Instead, they are now discussing ways to lift the entire organization into the clouds and beyond.