Becoming Big

So I've been working on my childrens book for the past month straight and it's nearly done!
All art is finished and I've just received some great 1st reader feedback from one of my closest friends Kasha, who graciously shared it with her daughters and the girls loved it :] I just need to take a look at the rhyming structure again and make a final decision about a few great suggestions on their part. I haven't shared any images of this book on my site yet but feel free to follow along on Instagram. In the meantime, here's some manly hyperlapse of me cutting the final illustrations down into gallery ready gumdrops!
{Music by Wilco "Ekg"}

Its a book, for children, mostly

I have written & am now slowly illustrating a childrens book. I have 7.5 pages drawn now, out of an estimated 14.  
This is turning out to be much more work than I expected but on the upside, I am really happy with how it's shaping up.
Once I have all of the pages drawn then I will begin painting them with gouache.
The plan is to keep the paintings simple, loose & fun but I am getting the sneaky suspicion that my subconscience
has something much more complicated in mind, based on the drawings that I have been producing so far.
I hope to beat that subconscience into bloody submission.

I am not sure how many drawings or paintings I will share before the book is complete.
Check back here weekly or connect with me on instagram to stay tuned.