Role: Art Direction, Design, Concept  |  Purpose: To share an idea which was too robust for a prior client


Virtual Closet App Concept
An unused idea of mine which I decided to mock-up.
How it works: When a person goes shopping for clothing, the item will come with a tag.
The tag has a code built into to upc. When code is scanned with the app, it contains an photo of the piece you just bought or would like to buy.
The item goes into your virtual closet.

Your virtual closet is an app that allows you to build your outfit from clothes that you’ve already scanned into your closet OR allows that app to randomly build outfits for you based on mood, color, weather, etc—
from your existing closet OR from online OR a mixture of the two OR from a friends virtual closet.

If you like your friends items, you can buy it from within the app or just call them up or send them a message and borrow it!
You can also share clothing with your girlfriends by bumping mobile devices with them and it will appear in their
“wish list” closet.

Based on your settings, if your friend really likes your outfit, they could buy it just by clicking “buy this outfit” and they will be taken to the website where it lives.