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Better Blogging Starts now

I need to get better at posting to this blog.

A lot of times I just hope that most people who like my work, find and keep track of what I'm up to on Instagram. But that isn't necessarily true.

Here's a little something, I recently opened a Facebook Business page & a Threadless Artist Shop. They aren't ready for primetime yet but once they are, these locations will be places where you can find updates & product announcements featuring my work.

There, that wasn't too hard.

My next post will have a few links to the goods I just mentioned above.

Becoming Big

So I've been working on my childrens book for the past month straight and it's nearly done!
All art is finished and I've just received some great 1st reader feedback from one of my closest friends Kasha, who graciously shared it with her daughters and the girls loved it :] I just need to take a look at the rhyming structure again and make a final decision about a few great suggestions on their part. I haven't shared any images of this book on my site yet but feel free to follow along on Instagram. In the meantime, here's some manly hyperlapse of me cutting the final illustrations down into gallery ready gumdrops!
{Music by Wilco "Ekg"}

50% Off SwitchMates

50% OFF SwitchMates Light switch covers. Scratch-resistant hand painted originals. Use Promo Code: TOYFISH . Free Shipping in USA (just choose "NYC Local Pick-Up" as your Delivery Option. Your item will be shipped.). Ends Aug 8th. Tap the link in my profile to visit THE SHOP 💥 —🎶 #CerebralBallzy "OnTheRun"

SAMO {Full Video}

SAMO #wip 1.25hrs —Tap4Sound | #Sketch #sketches #art #drawing #painting #acrylic #Basquiat #creatures #video #life #faith #NYC— #Blanche "Another Lost Summer"