Agency: VaynerMedia  |  Client: History Channel, Vikings pitch  |  Role: Sr. Art Direction, Design, Illustration, Retouching


Vikings Tumblr Mock
The purpose of this site was intended to allow fans to literally Dive Deeper into show. The deeper you dive, the further you go into the episodes and the more you learn about the show and it's characters. 

Surprise & Delight Packages
S&D Packs that we would give to fans who interacted with the social accounts would have included temporary nordic tattoos & a VERY musky Vikings cologne which we we would have had specifically for the show.


Vikings Translator App
An app we would have created to take your normal boring speech and transform into something unforgettably bombastic that only a true Viking would say. 


Vikings Photo Filters
An in-app tool we would have created with Kamio which people could add effects to their photos such as braided hairstyles, blood stains, tattoos and a weapon of choice then upload to their socials.


Vikings Micro Content Concepts